Attractive Porous Paving for Stormwater Management

FILTERPAVE is regarded by many as the most advanced poly bound porous pavement available today.  We hold patents jointly with BASF, our technical partner in the development and advancement of this product.  Filterpave combines a very ecologically sensitive, yet high performance binder, with specific aggregates to create a very effective, yet attractive, porous pavement.  Filterpave can be used in pedestrian and light vehicular parking applications.  We offer a range of naturally colored stone aggregate options, sometimes mixed with recycled post consumer glass, and in some instances mixed with pigments to create additional color options.   Filterpave is a unique combination of sustainability and aesthetics in a pavement product.

FILTERPAVE Glass Series is made with a blend of 40% post-consumer recycled glass, 60% regionally sourced stone, and a proprietary pigmented binder developed by BASF Chemistry. Designed for pedestrian and light vehicular traffic loads, FILTERPAVE Glass Series is a poured in place, highly reflective, colorful porous paving system that gives you unmatched design flexibility.

FILTERPAVE Stone Series consists of granite or granite type stone.  The Stone Series may be mixed with up to 20% post consumer recycled glass as an additional sustainability aspect. It is a poured-in place pervious pavement that handles pedestrian and vehicular traffic loads. Highly reflective and variant-colored natural stone enhances &and differentiates your landscape designs with rich earth tones.

Stormwater & Environmental Benefits

FILTERPAVE® pavements can help you meet environmental goals.

  • Reduce Stormwater Runoff: Twice as porous as other hard-surfaced porous pavements (38%-48%) results in a greater reduction of stormwater runoff and better resistance to clogging and maintenance requirements.
  • Conserve Resources: When utilizing recycled materials Filterpave makes constructive use of abundant materials that are typically landfilled.  About 40 beverage bottles may be used in just one square foot of Filterpave pavement.
  • Can help you earn LEED credits
  • Effective at reducing Heat Island Effect (Solar Reflective Index: 29)
  • Low Impact Development Strategy

Due to variations in color mix of recycled glass or natural stone minerals which are mined directly from the earth, a possibility of slight color differences and particulate concentrations may cause minor disparities. These changes add to the distinct and authentic look of FILTERPAVE porous paving system. Please refer to the Product Specifications for more information.

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