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Brochures and marketing documents

FilterPave Brochure
Complement, Contrast and Enhance your site designs with inspiring architectural aesthetics to suit any environment.
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One Page Summary
The FilterPave system is the newest green evolution in hard-surfaced porous pavements, with features, performance and environmental benefits that vastly surpass standards for pavements of its kind. The FilterPave  porous pavement system is truly in a class by itself.
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Color Options
The FilterPave porous pavement system comes in a variety of colors to enhance your site designs with inspiring architectural aesthetics to suit any environment.
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Bottle vs. Pavement
The FilterPave system utilizes the nation’s abundant supply of recycled glass in a constructive way, eliminating landfilling of the glass. This not only makes productive use of the millions of tons of recycled glass, but it conserves the supply of natural aggregate supplies and saves energy used in mining efforts associated with typical hard-surface pavements.
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Research from UCF
The Stormwater Management Academy at the University of Central Florida (UCF) was contracted to perform an evaluation of the FilterPave porous pavement system. The objective of the evaluation was to determine the 1) infiltration rate, 2) water quality improvement, 3) compressive strength and 4) porosity (sustainable void space) of the FilterPave porous pavement system.
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Get the facts on credits, requirements and more. This factsheet illustrates how FilterPave can help earn LEED® credits from the US Green Building Council.
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Specification Documents

This suggested Specification for FilterPave Porous Pavement System (FPPS) is provided as a guideline only. FilterPave refers to bound recycled glass or stone porous pavement. Each project is site specific and requires information related to local soil conditions, existing and proposed drainage parameters, and regional precipitation patterns.
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Aggregate Specifications
FilterPave aggregate specifications insure that the recycled glass or stone used is the right gradation and strength. This allows the porous pavement to work at peak efficiency and maintain optimal strength.
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Specification Summary
FilterPave specification data in a condensed two page document.
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Cross Section Diagrams
Cross-section diagrams that illustrate the depth of aggregate, surface overcoat and finish.
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DWG version for AutoCAD

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DWG version for AutoCAD

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DWG version for AutoCAD

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Maintenance Guide
The FilterPave Porous Pavement System (FPPS) may require cleaning and/or maintenance periodically. This guide provides information on cleaning, painting, repair, snow removal and more.
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