You Can Have Brains & Beauty Too. FILTERPAVE Optimized with BASF Chemistry Makes the Magic Happen.

(edited from PUR Magazine, a BASF Corp. publication)

For many years, BASF and its customers have joined forces to create better surfacing materials that go far in alleviating this destructive cycle. FilterPave ®, a recycled post-consumer glass and polyurethane-based porous pavement system by FILTERPAVE Products, LLC, represents one of the most recent and promising porous surfacing systems to date.

Filterpave featuring BASF Chemistry
It may surprise most people that one of the most preventable environmental hazards lies right under our feet. Materials commonly used to create walkways, driveways, patios, parking lots, roads and highways re impervious and prevent stormwater from filtering back and replenishing aquifers naturally. Moreover, as stormwater washes over a multitude of polluted and overheated surfaces, a perfect storm of eco logically-damaging runoff flows into storm drains, streams, rivers, lakes, estuaries and oceans.

BASF’s Filterpave  binder increases flexibility, durability and resistance to freeze-thaw cycles for minimal maintenance requirements. Get LEED® credits for reduced site disturbance, stormwater management, heat island effect, recycled content and regional materials.

Research Shows & BASF, Filterpave Prove: Green is indeed a new golden path.

The Green Brands Survey conducted by Cohn & Wolfe is one of the largest global consumer surveys of green brands and corporate environmental responsibility. Based on the findings of its recent survey of 9,000 people in eight countries, the study verified what many suspected: Consumers will spend more on green products and seek out environmentally responsible manufacturers. This finding was true for each and every one of the countries included in the research. The message is clear: green is indeed a path to gold. But, as many marketers float on unsubstantiated “green” claims, BASF and customers like FILTERPAVE are employing an often underutilized strategy: provide proof, transparent evidence, rigorous testing and third-party verification. BASF customer FILTERPAVE Products LLC porous pavement technologies lead the way to success the old-fashioned way – with evidence and proof.

 If we told you that FilterPave porous pavement system, made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled glass and bonded with  an environmentally preferable BASF polyurethane resin, is Eco-Elegant, would you believe us? Maybe; maybe not… That’s why FILTERPAVE engaged The Stormwater Management Academy at The University of Central Florida (UCF) to establish credible, defensible and industry-leading third-party sustainability evidence. Researchers at UCF tested FilterPave in the following areas:

Water quality improvement.
Based on a 25-year design storm (8.4 inches/hr) in Florida, a 33 percent reduction in phosphorus and nitrogen was achieved. The yearly phosphorus and nitrogen mass reductions will be significantly higher for most regions considering more than 90 percent of all rainfall events are less than one inch in intensity.
Compressive strength.
After exhaustive laboratory and field tests, researchers at UCF have concluded that, with an average compressive strength of 1,160 psi and a flexural strength of 508 psi, FilterPave is stronger than porous asphalt and more flexible than pervious concrete in low- and medium-duty applications.
Porosity: Sustainable void space.
With a porosity of 39 percent, FilterPave has the highest amount of storage space within the material for a porous pavement and is twice as porous as pervious concrete. According to BASF Business Director, Joseph Shirmer, “We are proud to partner with our customers like FILTERPAVE. Growing responsibly while providing innovative solutions for sustainable products and a sustainable future is our first priority.