Recycling FACTS

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Bottles Versus Pavement

RECYCLING THAT COUNTS: In the Filterpave Glass Series, up to 40 typical glass beverage bottles of all colors are used in just one square foot of FILTERPAVE pavement. The glass is specially-processed to round the edges and is bonded with a flexible bonding agent, safe for marine and plant life.

MYTH...Bottles that consumers clean and sort are recycled at recycling centers and reused.

FACT… Most bottles sent to recycling centers are not reused, but instead sent to landfills and used as cover.

The FILTERPAVE™ system utilizes the nation’s abundant supply of recycled glass in a constructive way, eliminating landfilling of the glass. This not only makes productive use of the millions of tons of recycled glass, but it conserves the supply of natural aggregate supplies and saves energy used in mining efforts associated with typical hard-surface pavements.

The highly porous FILTERPAVE system significantly reduces stormwater runoff and has a low carbon footprint due to use of recycled and local sourcing of materials. FILTERPAVE™ IS TRULY AN ECO-Elegant  PRODUCT.