International Crane Foundation

FilterPave pathways are helping to sustain a healthy wetland ecosystem and safe harbor to some of the world’s most fragile bird species at the International Crane Foundation in Wisconsin.

The International Crane Foundation (ICF) maintains a 225-acre world headquarters near Baraboo, Wisconsin, visited by over 25,000 people annually. It is the home to a captive flock of approximately 100 cranes and the only place all 15 species assembled.

All of the walking paths and observation areas in the 5-acre Spirit of Africa display are paved with FilterPave which allows the rainwater to soaks into the ground, minimizing runoff and/or erosion. The FilterPave installation eliminated the need for additional stormwater infrastructure, such as pipes or a detention pond, is required.

The 5-acre Spirit of Africa Exhibit includes nearly 1700 linear feet of pathways through the site averaging 12 feet wide. The site includes creation of four new wetland areas for four species of African cranes that are increasingly threatened by domesticated trade.

The Spirit of Africa Exhibit displays the Blue, Wattled, Grey Crowned, and Black Crowned Cranes. The exhibit emphasize the cranes’ stories, their cultural and ecological significance, conservation efforts that successfully benefit cranes, and opportunities for their protection.

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